What We Do


The Northwest PA CareerLink® is connecting Pennsylvanians with the training and careers to create a better commonwealth by providing services for employers and job seekers across six counties. “We’re much more than an employment search engine.” The PA CareerLink® is a proactive adviser for employers and candidates of virtually any industry, experience, or background. Experts match employers with qualified candidates, provide labor market insight, and prepare job seekers to meet the needs of a competitive employment landscape.


PA CareerLink® Northwest Region Vision:

The Northwest region’s employers and job seekers will have an accessible and comprehensive workforce development system that is responsive to the current and future needs of the region.


PA CareerLink® Northwest Region Mission:

To assist job seekers in addressing barriers and exploring career pathways to sustainable employment; connect employers with qualified candidates; and bridge skill gaps by identifying current and future training needs, while engaging community partners to maximize innovation and outcomes.